Friday, April 16, 2010

White lady t18

Now if u dont already know ..after u bleach u must use a toner
alot of people will jus bleach and leave with yellow/brassy hair
now to get rid of these problems u must use a toner A Purple Based toner.
I usually use a 20 developer but be carefull some people experince blue/gray hair if left on too long!!
This is a popular one and easy to get especially if u dont have a Pro license..
trust me theres tons of toners ill post them as i go along ...


  1. Hi funkymacgirl, I want to thank you for all the information that you provide us with. I think that you know your stuff. I want to know which one will get your hair whiter the T18 or the other from Miss Clairol 323 that I saw you using in one of your videos?

  2. you know to be honest ive seen some people achieve white hair with the 323...and for me i jus continue to stick with the wella t18 w a 20 dev..and for some it will turn there hair grey..which will wash out..this isnt a problrm for me..the best way to use it is if ur hair has No orange and a hint of yellow..GOOD LUCK!! IF U dont mind buy both and do 2 seprate sections..and u be the judge!!

  3. i have a question...i used the t18 and it did nothing to my hair, it still looks kinda orange-yellow. should i go over it with t14 and how long should i wait before i tone again? i also used 30 developer....should i have used 20? What is the timing for bleach and toner? should i have used foil with the bleach to get my hair lighter in the begining? PLEASE HELP..THANKS!